Programming, Sales and Service
of old and current model commercial two way radios

Minitor V Pager Special

Some of the many older radios we support:
  GE Delta-S / Delta-SX  
  GE MPS Portable  
  GE Rangr  
  GE Phoenix-S / Phoenix-SX  
  Midland Syn-Tech I  
  Midland Syn-Tech II  
  Midland XTR  
  Motorola Mostar  
  Motorola MSF5000  
  Motorola MX300-S Series Portables  
  Motorola PURC5000 Paging Station  
  Motorola Syntor (Original SRA series)  
  Motorola Syntor X  
  Motorola Syntor X9000  
  Kenwood TKR-720 / 820 repeaters  
Newer radios we support:
  Motorola APX  
  Motorola XTL / XTS  
  Motorola XPR  

Read this before you even thinking about asking us
to program unauthorized frequencies