The INFORMERâ„¢   Tone Alert Receiver by Federal Signal

Refurbished Information

We sell refurbished Low Band, VHF and UHF Informers

Our prices include tuning / alignment / programming and shipping!!!

Each Refurbished Informer that we sell includes the following:

  • Refurbished Informer Tone Alert Receiver
  • New AC wall adapter
  • New Rubber flex antenna
  • New Internal Rechargeable battery
  • Custom programming of your frequency and operating tones 
  • Alignment and testing by an FCC licensed Technician to ensure optimum performance 
  • A copy of our computerized test report showing all programming and test parameters for your records 
  • Delivery direct to you (delivery address must be within the continental United States) 
  • (1) year parts and labor warranty from Brinkely Electronics

A standard model refurbished INFORMER with out the relay option is $300.00

A refurbished INFORMER with the Dual Relay / Audio Output module is $400.00