We have specialized in programming older radios that required stand alone or "suitcase" type programmers for over 25 years.  Below is a brief list of some of the equipment that we utilize to program / tune / align your radio.  (None of it is for sale, if we sold it we'd have to replace it.)
AEA VHF/ UHF SWR analyzerAEA VHF/ UHF SWR analyzer
ARLABS AR-32 Programmer
ar32.JPG (54543 bytes)
Bird Model 43 Wattmeter
GE TQ2310 Suitcase Programmer
GE TQ-2362 MPD Interface
GE TQ-3370 PC Interface
Kenwood KPT-10 Programmer
Kenwood KPT-20 Programmer
Kenwood KPT-50 Programmer
MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer
Motorola R-1801 Digital Analyzer Controller
Motorola / Epson HX-20
Motorola Radio Interface Box (RIB)
Motorola Mostar Interface Box (MIB)
Motorola R-2600-C Service Analyzer
Midland 70-1000
Midland 70-1000C
Midland 70-1045
Midland 70-1080
Midland 70-1052
Midland 70-1072
PACE Solder / Desolder Station
Relm PM-4500 Programmer
RELM / Regency RH-252 Programmer
Uniden AMX-500
Uniden AMX-501
WAVETEK CT-300 Tone Generator

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