MX-300-S Memory Module Removal & Identification


back.jpg (33992 bytes) Remove the 4 screws from the rear of the radio; Lift out on the top rear cover and the cover will come off.
Remove the front cover by pulling straight out and disconnecting the connector for the speaker and microphone
prom5.jpg (87601 bytes) Remove the hold down clip marked by the arrow. Note the direction of the warning label on the memory module.  The memory module must be installed as shown or you will damage the radio and the memory module. 
Picture1.jpg (38085 bytes) Loosen the 3 captive screws marked with the arrows, and carefully lift the memory module straight out. 
prom1.jpg (15001 bytes) This is what the actual memory module looks like out of the radio.
mxd.jpg (65153 bytes) The last digit of the model number determines the type of memory module that you have.  The module shown is a "D" version.
Assembly is the reverse of the procedures listed above.