SYNTOR-X Memory Module Removal

back1.JPG (91941 bytes) Remove the 4 screws from the rear of the radio; Lift off the rear cover.
main.JPG (125071 bytes) With the handle pointed towards you, this is what you should see. The memory module is noted.
posts.JPG (106689 bytes) Note the direction of the arrows on the memory module.  It will only fit one way, as shown.  Carefully remove the memory module from the radio.  It has a black plastic retaining posts on each side that may have to be forced to the side with a long tipped flat screwdriver. 
mod.JPG (42059 bytes) The memory module out of the radio.  If you are sending the module in for reprogramming, box it up and send it to us.
slide2.JPG (84604 bytes) If we are swapping eeproms with you, will need to pop the cover off the memory module.  The top and bottom portion slide apart. (see picture)
EEPR1.JPG (54789 bytes) Note the postion of the eeprom on the board.  Remove your eeprom, install the one we sent. Put everything back together and you should be ready to go.