Motorola Syntor X9000 Programming

Cost (each)
Program up to 32 channels (includes radio & head)  $35.00
Program up to 64 channels (includes radio and head)  $50.00
Program up to 128 channels (includes radio and head)  $80.00
Upgrade your radio from 32 to 64 channels (not including programming) $25.00
Upgrade your radio from 32 to 128 channels (includes firmware to allow scanning the extra channels) $45.00

More Syntor X9000 Information:

Syntor X9000 Programming Limitations

Read this before even thinking about asking us to program unauthorized frequencies


Don't want to pay extra shipping for us to reprogram your radio and control head? Click on the link below:

How to remove the Syntor X9000 EEprom from the radio drawer