1. We do not buy, sell, repair or program any trunked radios.
  2. Return shipping cost is extra.
  3. In order to properly program your SYNTOR X9000 radio, we must have a picture or a list of all external accessory boxes, and we will need the control head and the drawer unit or the memory eprom from the radio drawer.  
  4. You must verify the proper operation of your radio prior to sending the memory module / control head for us for reprogramming. If it doesn't work before programming, it is not likely to work after programming.
  5. It is understood that you have the technical skills, service manuals, proper test equipment and the tuning and alignment tools necessary to remove and install your memory module and to tune and realign your radio for proper operation. If you do not feel comfortable with doing this, we will tune and align your radio for an additional $50.00.     
  6. In order to program any transmit frequencies, we require a letter of authorization from the agency holding the FCC license for the frequencies.
  7. We cannot loan service manuals or provide tuning instructions or technical support over the telephone or via e-mail. 
  8. We are not responsible for ANY memory module or radio that you supply to us that will not accept a program.
  9. Please package your equipment properly to prevent damage during shipment. We are not responsible for damage for radios that you shipped to us !
  10. Any radio with "SP" options will be considered on an individual basis.