We strive to be honest and upfront with everyone, so please carefully read the following: 

  1. The prices shown are for programming only. 
  2. It is understood that you have the technical skills, service manuals, proper test equipment and the tuning and alignment tools necessary to remove and install your memory module and to tune and realign your radio for proper operation. 
  3. Tuning and alignment of your radio can be provided at an additional cost and will be quoted on a radio by radio basis. 
  4. We cannot loan service manuals or provide tuning instructions or technical support over the telephone or via e-mail. 
  5. You must verify the proper operation of your radio prior to sending it to us for reprogramming. If it doesn't work before programming, it is not likely to work after programming.
  6. Radios sent to us for programming will be tested for proper operation prior to programming. If the radio is not working it will be returned as-is, at your expense.
  7. We are not responsible for ANY memory module or radio that you supply to us that will not accept a program. Some of the older PROM type memory modules will self destruct when you try program them, even when using factory programmers.
  8. A 90 day parts and labor warranty is provided on any memory module or PROM that we supply.