About Brinkley Electronics

Hello - My name is Andy Brinkley and I own and operate Brinkley Electronics, a two way radio sales and service company located near Winston-Salem, NC.  I am an Amateur radio operator (NC4AB) and also have a General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) from the Federal Communications Commission.  After repairing radios for several years in my home, Brinkley Electronics was started in 1988.  

We started our website in 1994 as a means to advertise our custom programming services for the older commercial two way radios.  At this time we program Bendix-King, Fujitsu Ten, GE, Kenwood, Maxon, Midland, Motorola, Regency/Relm, Ritron, Standard, Uniden, and Yaesu/Vertex radios.  We have added a cross reference for commercial two way gear, along with lots of information about the equipment needed to program the older radios.

Some of our guiding principles: