Kenwood Programming Services

We have the Kenwood KPT-10, KPT-20 and KPT-50 programmers to program just about all of the older Kenwood Commercial Radios. Click on the model number of your radio for more information:
TK-210 TK-310 TK-601 TK-701 TK-801
TK-230 TK-330 TK-602 TK-702 TK-802
TK-250 TK-350 TK-620 TK-710 TK-810
TK-260 TK-360 TKB-620 TK-720 TK-820
TK-272 TK-372 TK-630 TKB-720 TKB-820
TK-280 TK-380   TKR-720 TKR-820
TK-290 TK-390   TK-730  
TK-2140 TK-3140   TK-760  
TK-2160 TK-2160   TK-762  

Read this before even thinking about asking us to program unauthorized frequencies

Programming Limitations