SYNTOR X9000 Memory Eeprom Removal

back1.JPG (91941 bytes) Remove the 4 screws from the rear of the radio; Lift off the rear cover.
picture coming soon ! With the handle pointed towards you, you will see a metal cover on the lower left hand side.
picture coming soon ! The memory eeprom is the one closest to the connector, look at it carefully (take a pictire if possible) so you will remember how to reinstall it. The 32 channel radios do not use all of the pins in the socket, so be sure to remember how to install the eeprom
picture coming soon ! Carefully remove the eeprom from the socket, an eeprom puller or a small "L" shaped tool helps to get it out. Place the eeprom on a piece of anti static foam and carefully package it up and send it to us.